• Why I’m Rereading All My Books

    25 January 2023 • Filed under Books

    This year, I decided to reread all the books I currently own. 

    I acknowledge that this will sound terribly boring to some people. Rereading books isn’t something even all book people like to do. Yet, I have always loved rereading my favourites.

    The first time I read The Great Gatsby was when I was 15, and I hated it. It wasn’t until I was 23 and read the book again, that I realized the topics of the book had simply gone way over my head before.  – Now, The Great Gatsby is my favourite classic. 

    All of this is to say, I’m setting out to reread every book that’s currently residing on my bookshelves.

    The Reasons Why I’m Rereading All My Books

    I have this picture in my head, of my bookshelves filled with books that I deeply love. A home library where I can randomly grab any book from the shelves and swoon over the story. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the reality. When I looked at my bookshelves, I saw books that I didn’t particularly like, books that I have read but can’t for the life of me remember the plot of, and books I bought but have never read. 

    That is why I’m rereading all my books: to create a home library that fits me and my reading tastes. 

    How I’m Rereading All My Books

    At the beginning of this year, I emptied all my bookshelves and stacked my books onto 2 IKEA Råskog carts. One by one, I will read the books. If I love the book, I will place it back onto my bookshelves. If I don’t love the book, I’ll either sell them secondhand or donate them to charity. 

    To keep up with my progress, I have started a book bullet journal in which I’ll write short reviews and give star ratings to the books I read. 

    “But what about new book releases?”

    Oh, I will still purchase new books. I can’t help myself. But the same rules wil apply to these new books. They’re put on the cart until I read them, and then decide whether they stay or go. 

    Are you into rereading books?
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