• Rocky Road Popsicles

    25 February 2021 • Filed under Food

    Rocky Road Popsicles

    No. It’s not official ice cream popsicles season yet. But after a week of snow, these past few days have been filled with sunny weather. So it might be getting seasonally appropriate again. I feel like once summer hits, every blogger will be sharing ice cream recipes, so this is me being an early bird. And by throwing this recipe online between winter and spring, I’ve guaranteed enjoyment of Rocky Road Popsicles all summer season long. Also, I cannot be the only one who eats ice cream in winter, right?

    These Rocky Road Popsicles are the homemade’s version of those childhood ice cream parlor soft serves WITH toppings. See, I don’t like soft serve ice cream. Because somehow, the 90’s ice cream parlors never asked if I wanted sprinkles or nuts on my chocolate and hazelnut ice cream scoops. I blame them for me going all out with toppings nowadays: Rich chunks of caramel and hazelnuts, with the occasional soft marshmallow.

    Rocky Road Ice Cream Recipes


    Ice Cream Mold + Popsicle Sticks
    White chocolate bar
    Dark chocolate bar
    Caramel sprinkles
    Mini marshmallows


    1. Melt the white chocolate and add the milk to create a softer flavor. (it’s best to taste whilst whisking the milk through the chocolate, as everyone will have a different preference.)
    2. Fill the ice cream molds with the melted chocolate, don’t forget to add the wooden ice cream sticks, and freeze overnight.
    3. Melt the dark chocolate
    4. Get the ice cream out of the freezer and remove the mold.
    5. Use a spoon or piping bag to swirl the dark chocolate over the popsicles.
    6. Garnish the chocolate with the hazelnuts, marshmallows and caramel chunks.

    You can keep the popsicles themselves in the freezer for weeks. But it is recommended to serve immediately after you’ve poured the Rocky Road toppings on the ice cream.

    Oh! And for the ones who think the little marshmallows will fall off. Yes. Sometimes. But you’d be surprised. Although, I did nick off most of the little marshmallows before eating the rest of the popsicle.

    On Instagram today, I’m asking a Random Rocky Road Popsicles Question: Do you make your Rocky Road with or without caramel chunks? I know caramel is not “technically” a part of rocky road, but I do like it. I think it gives it that Snickers flavor. And I do like Snickers, (especially the ice cream.)

    What’s your favourite ice cream flavor?