• The Disney Pixar Challenge

    15 January 2021 • Filed under Paper

    This is a big day for me. After months of planning and preparing and producing, Paperweirdo is opening its doors. Here we’ll focus on slow planning, and the fun in ticking off to-do boxes. Rather than the popular productive, serious business planning. Because I’m not sure where we got the notion that to-do lists should be all work, but let me tell you that it is not true. It’s time to switch tabs. From non-stop productivity to fun and play: so please join me in the 2021 Disney Pixar challenge.

    the challenge

    Let’s watch all the classic Disney Pixar films before December 31. Using math – which is not my best subject, so bear with me: you’d watch a minimum of two films a month. The aim is to have fun – to play, to not take to-do lists too seriously and to take time for what usually feels like wasted hours. Nothing wasted if it means you can tick off a box, right?

    Space is limited – just kidding. The free template will be here forever. And if you, by any chance, finish early, than you can always extend your challenge to the Walt Disney Classics.

    the first film of the challenge is…

    I’m starting the challenge by watching the brilliant Monsters Inc. I tend to prioritize the films that excite me the most, but that might not be the best way to go about this challenge. To see all the 23 Disney Pixar films, I must sprinkle the muah ones in-between the awesomeness.

    download the free Disney Pixar Challenge here
    find the Instagram Stories template here