• My New Substack Series

    10 February 2023 • Filed under Work

    As I was setting up my Substack account, the first thing that got recommended to me was: ‘let people know that you have a newsletter!’ So that’s what I’m doing. Hello. I have a Substack newsletter. And if any of you reading are interested in the art of gentle planning, you might want to consider subscribing. 

    If you are unfamiliar with Substack, it is a website where writers can start a newsletter with free and paid subscriptions.

    “What will you be writing about?”

    The short answer to this question is: finding the perfect balance between a productive and a slow life, through gentle planning. 

    The longer answer to the question is: I’m setting out to find the ands instead of the buts in planning. I want to lead a structured life, whilst leaving plenty of room for the unexpected. I want to be productive AND have time for a last-minute lunch with friends. To accomplish this, I want to change my productivity habits and routines. No more rigid to do lists, but room for changes of plans. I call this: gentle planning. 

    On Substack, I’ll be writing about my own experiences and failed attempts at gentle planning. I’ll be sharing productivity hacks that I’m testing in my pursuit and maybe, somewhere in the future, I hope to speak with others in search of the perfect balance between a productive and slow life. 

    I’m taking it as an experiment

    But what if no one subscribes? What if no one wants to support my work? What if no one cares?

    I’ll be honest, those were some of the first thoughts that popped into my head, after registering for a Substack account. To reduce the anxiety, I am going to regard this whole thing as a scientific experiment. If it works, it works. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. But even negative outcomes make for successful experiments. And I won’t know, until I try. 

    The differences between my free & paid subscriptions

    Free Substack

    My free subscribers will have access to bi-weekly emails.

    Paid Substack

    My paid Substack costs €5 a month, and comes with exclusive posts, free printable planners and access to the full archive. 

    You are able to try a paid subscription for 7 days – before committing to it.

    “What about this blog?”

    Substack will not be replacing this blog. I will continue to post (somewhat) regularly on here. The PaperWeirdo blog will remain the place for us to share personal stories, shop updates, lifestyle and book posts. My Substack will be solely dedicated to gentle planning and ways to improve the balance between productivity and slow living. 

    “Why should I become a Substack subscriber?”

    That’s a good question! Maybe because you like to receive printable planners in your mailbox every month? Or because you too are looking for that perfect balance between a productive and a slow life. 

    For me, it is a fun new platform where I can focus on building community and authentic connections. If you want to support me, or are – at all – interested in gentle planning, I’d love to have you. Click here to become a subscriber!